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About Us
The MOMS Club® is a support group for stay at home moms in the Mount Laurel/Maple Shade area.  We have a variety of activities for all members to enjoy.  We meet during the day when stay at home moms need support the most. 

We feel that being a mom should not isolate you, that is what makes the MOMS Club unique, we offer a variety of activities for moms and kids and the children are always welcome!
The International MOMS Club has over 2000 chapters with over 100,000 members!  Founded in March 2002, the Mount Laurel chapter of the MOMS Club serves the Mount Laurel/Maple Shade New Jersey area. 

The MOMS Club is a non-profit corporation and a 501 (C)(3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS!

At home mothers with children of any age are welcome.  No need to leave the group once your children enter school, moms with school age children need support too!
For more information, contact our membership coordinator at membership@momsclubmountlaurel.org
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